Choosing a Copier for Your Faith-Based Organization, Part 2


Your faith or nonprofit organization is no different than a for-profit business when it comes to your printers and copiers; you need high-quality results that don't exceed your budget. For many faith-based organizations like churches and parachurch ministries, choosing the right devices can be a challenge. Your supporters expect quality communications in the form of fliers, newsletters, and pamphlets, but they understand your need to be good stewards of your resources.

Which Copier is Right for You?

We understand if you're a little overwhelmed by the choices. The copier industry has considered nearly every possible combination of features and capabilities to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses and organizations. The best place to begin, however, is by determining your current usage.

  • Print volumes— How many documents do you print in an average month? A device that's too small will fail sooner than it should, and one that's too large for your requirements is not a good use of resources. Your equipment provider can help you discover these metrics and others so you can make an informed choice.

  • Paper size— If you never need 11x17 documents, you'll be perfectly happy with one of the new A4 devices. You'll get the same functionality as a larger copier, but at a more affordable price and a smaller footprint.

  • Professional features— If you're paying extra for outsourcing, a multifunction system that includes professional finishing features like stapling, folding, hole punching, fax, and paperless workflows is a perfect solution.

Do You Need Color?

Many faith organization offices default to a monochrome copier, but lower price points have made color copying much more affordable. If reaching your base is critical to your success as a faith-based ministry, in-house color printing capabilities may be just what you need to share your message more effectively.

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