How to Get the Most Out of Managed Print Services

Partnering with a managed print services provider can up your productivity, lower your overall costs, and revolutionize your office workflows. But this isn't something that happens overnight—in fact, this kind of result takes buy-in from all levels of management and employees in your company, as well as some preparation and work.

Questions to Ask Your Managed Services Provider

There are ways to ensure that you get the most out of your managed print services contract. It all starts with making sure you're starting the partnership off right by asking pertinent questions. Here's what you should ask before you sign on the dotted line and what you should be looking for as your contract begins.

  1. How does your assessment work? Every managed services provider will start your contract off with an assessment. The best way to know where to go is to see where you already are and assess how well your current print environment is meeting your needs. You can make sure that this assessment is as successful as possible by providing as much information as you can to your managed services provider.
  2. Where can I improve workflow? Before your managed services provider starts your assessment, consider talking with a few key employees to identify workflow bottlenecks and hangups. Managed print services can help you with productivity by eliminating wasteful practices and slow, outdated processes. You're the expert on how your business works—providing this information to your managed services provider will make your contract more valuable.
  3. How can we improve data security? Make sure that your managed services provider is looking for ways to secure your print environment. Today's business world is fraught with the threat of cyber attack, and your print environment could be an entry point if you're not careful.

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