2 Ways Managed Print Agreements Help You Save

woman using printer

Managing and operating printing equipment is often more difficult than we expect. Getting a multifunction system installed and operational is the first step, then a list of other processes follow to connect it to your network, set up secure scanning, and begin using electronic document management solutions.

You've got other things to do besides figuring out how to use a new printer and then train your staff. Managed Print Services can take this and other print management tasks off your plate, giving you more time to run your business.

Here's a look at two ways managed print companies can help your office improve productivity and reduce waste.

Managed Print Services

Most managed print agreements are based on print volumes. Many include the addition of new equipment at no additional cost to your company. That's a good deal, and considering that you may be spending as much as 3% of your annual revenues on printing, some help is in order. Managed print partnerships are well known for their cost-saving measures, and companies on the receiving end often see their costs reduced by one-third. Here's a look at the benefits.

  • Find out your actual cost of printing
  • Proactive equipment maintenance
  • Automatic toner replenishment
  • Improved workflows
  • Less downtime
  • More time for core business tasks

Rules-Based Printing

Hidden printing costs could be the reason why your budget doesn't add up. Rules-based printing zeros in on wasteful printing habits and helps get costs back to reasonable limits.

  • Print tracking software shows how much is being printed, where, and by whom.
  • Limitations on color printing and overall print volumes help departments make better decisions.
  • Security solutions prevent stolen information.

Holding employees accountable for what they print and improving your print-centric workflows are just two services provided by Managed Print companies. To learn more, contact Liberty Business Systems today!