3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Toner Cartridges Out of Landfills

Whether your organization has one, two, or an entire fleet of printers and copiers, you're continually faced with the question of what to do with spent ink and toner cartridges. Since millions of cartridges still get tossed into landfills, it's evident that we can all do more to address this issue.

You Have a Choice

We've lined up a list of three easy ways to get used ink and toner cartridges out of your way, and all of them are a better solution than the trash can.


Earth911 works with local businesses and private citizens by putting them in touch with recycling centers. Just go to the website, enter the items you need to recycle followed by your zip code. You'll immediately have access to a list of recycling centers willing to take spent cartridges off your hands.


If your organization goes through a lot of ink and toner cartridges, you may want to consider using them to earn some extra cash. A company called eCycle Group takes cartridges still in good condition and issues a check for their cash value. Some nonprofit organizations use the service as a fundraising opportunity, and eCycle Group provides helpful tools for beginning the process.


There may be someone in town who'll get your cartridges to the recycling center for you. Check with your local supplier of printers and copiers or an office supply store—many companies have cartridge recycling bins conveniently located near the front door. Some cartridge and equipment manufacturers even provide shipping labels to return empty cartridges to them for refilling or recycling.

Recycling spent cartridges from your fleet of printers and copiers isn't difficult, and it's the right thing to do. Contact us at BASE Technologies to learn more today.