3 Steps to a Streamlined Office in 2018

work space

Your faith-based organization may not have an expansive budget, but with a little help, your office can run as if you do. Read on for some simple tips for streamlining your office and your daily processes.

1. Spruce up your workspace.

A cluttered desk may be a sign of a great mind at work, but for most of us, clutter is just a distraction. Destress your team by cleaning up the clutter, beginning with welcoming areas and ending in the break room. Here's how:

  • Remove unneeded items from storage shelves and make new labels.
  • Ditch tired plants and ask your green-thumb inclined volunteers to donate new ones.
  • Freshen up tired paint and clean carpets.
  • Plan a strategy for replacing worn out furniture and office equipment.

2. Say goodbye to disorganized documents.

Thousands of documents flow through your faith group's office every year. If your team is working with a variety of organizational strategies, it's only a matter of time before something is lost, damaged, and shredded prematurely.

An electronic document management solution can help your faith-based office team learn how to scan, capture, and store your documents in a way that makes sense for your needs. The benefits include 24/7 anytime/anywhere access to critical documents, improved document security, and less time and money spent on paper-based storage solutions. And document management makes compliance and the associated audits much simpler for everyone involved.

3. Secure your information.

There's no guaranteed way to secure paper filing systems, and the documents you're safeguarding may include confidential information belonging to members of the faith community. A document management system can help you keep the information your donors, employees, and clients entrust to you safe from hackers, process errors, and accidental viewing by unauthorized personnel within your organization.

Are you ready to enjoy streamlined office processes in 2018? Get in touch with us at Liberty Business Systems to find out how today!