3 Tips for Choosing the Right Wide Format Printer

women using wide format printer

Finding the best combination of features in a wide format printer can take some time. You need a printer that meets your current needs while keeping growth and a changing market in mind.

Begin your search by identifying and prioritizing your company's unique wide format printing requirements. Here's a brief look at how to begin.

1. Identify the application.

Unlike printers for routine business operations, the capabilities of wide format printers are often very specific. The application determines the substrate, which in turn determines the ink type. Some wide format printing categories include:

  • Photography
  • Fine art
  • AEC documents
  • Vinyl banners
  • Indoor signage
  • Vehicle adhesives and wraps
  • Textiles
  • Murals and other wallcoverings

Communicate with your wide format equipment provider to help narrow down your company's unique requirements.

2. Match the equipment's production capacity with your requirements.

How many wide format documents do you currently print in a week's time? Do you expect (or hope) that your volume and speed requirements will go up in the near future? Speed is a critical consideration, and a printer that can't keep up with your workload will be a roadblock to productivity and company growth. And multifunction features that allow users to process new print jobs while others are printing can help take the pressure off your staff.

3. How easy is the equipment to use?

Your wide format printer should match your requirements, including the capabilities of your staff and the room you have available for wide format printing equipment. Work closely with your technology provider to make sure the printer you eventually choose is a good fit for your organization's size and capabilities.

Your search for a wide format printer will go more smoothly with an expert equipment provider on your team. Contact us at Liberty Business Systems for professional assistance today!