3 Ways Multifunction Copiers Improve Productivity


Are your printers and copiers a source of disruptions, delays, and workflow bottlenecks? Is it time to upgrade your equipment for a solution that works?

The Multifunction Solution

Multifunction copiers are making office life easier for organizations of all types and sizes. From money-saving solutions to reduce printing waste to digital workflow strategies, multifunction copiers are well worth the investment. Here's why:

1. Multifunction copiers provide in-house printing solutions.

Are you paying too much for outsourced printing? Are you tied to copy-shop hours and long queues? Companies just like yours have replaced the hassles of outsourcing with in-house multifunction copiers. Here's why:

  • High-quality monochrome and color printing.
  • Consistent copy production
  • Professional finishing solutions like stapling, hole-punching, folding, booklet making, and more
  • Fast document output
  • High-capacity paper trays

2. Multifunction copiers combine several functions into one device.

Are you paying extra for consumables, maintenance, and power for a fleet of isolated technology islands? A high-functioning multifunction copier is a proven stand-in for a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine in one streamlined device. You'll save steps, money, and office space, to name just a few of the benefits.

3. Multifunction copiers provide paperless solutions.

Today's imaging technologies go beyond printing and copying to provide exceptional digital workflow solutions.

  • Scan and route documents directly to internal processes
  • Scan to email
  • Scan to fax
  • Scan to folders
  • Scan to cloud storage solutions
  • Automate repetitive processes
  • Secure your sensitive documents
  • Meet compliance mandates
  • Provide BYOD workers with a secure mobile printing solution

If you're not sure if your print infrastructure is working to your advantage, the knowledgeable staff at Liberty Business Systems can help you find out where you stand. To learn more about multifunction copiers and other productivity-enhancing office equipment and solutions, get in touch with us today!