3 Ways to Save with Managed Print Services

calculating savings

Are you unknowingly giving up 3% of your company's annual revenues to fund your printing costs? Following a managed print assessment, many business leaders are surprised to find out they're spending that much and sometimes more. Managed print services provide a way out, with solutions that deliver consistent savings.

1. Improved Company Productivity

Your printers and copiers provide valuable tools for increasing productivity, but many companies miss out due to under-managed print environments. Managed print offers the expertise you need to get the most from your equipment investment. Some improvements may include:

  • Fleet right-sizing to improve workflows, eliminate unneeded equipment, and reduce waste.
  • Equipment upgrades to better meet your team's requirements.
  • Improved performance of existing equipment through monitoring, proactive maintenance, and support.
  • One source for supplies, repairs, and replacement parts.
  • More time for employees to focus on their work as managed print teams take over day-to-day print management tasks.

2. Significantly Lower Printing Costs

Print-related inefficiencies are often the reason why operating costs spiral out of control. With very little visibility into the print environment, business leaders may have no clear path forward to bring expenses back under control. Managed print experts not only reveal the reasons behind uncontrolled print spending, but they also provide real solutions for reducing them. For your company, the savings could be as high as 30%.

3. No Unpleasant Surprises

Surprises are no fun when they come in the form of huge invoices for emergency equipment repairs. Managed print services consolidate printing costs into one predictable monthly cost, with no hidden fees, no worries about how to maintain your equipment, and best of all, no surprises. And with just one vendor and one invoice for your monthly print investment, you can plan better for the future.

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