3 Ways School Districts Benefit From Managed Print Services

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Staying within your school district's budget while also meeting everyone's need for document printing can be a difficult challenge. Compounding the problem is the fact that hidden costs could mean your district is spending even more than anyone realizes.

Managed print services help school districts find out how much they're spending to print documents and maintain equipment. After an assessment period, they'll arrive with solutions in hand to bring costs back in line with budget limitations.

Here's how managed print services can help your school district get more value from your printer fleet while spending less money.

1. First, the assessment period.

The managed print assessment can uncover printing costs throughout the district. The audit also searches for print-related bottlenecks, wasteful printing habits, and provides concrete numbers showing overall print volumes. In many cases, the solutions offered to remedy these and other inefficiencies lowers printing costs by 30% or even more.

2. Revitalize your fleet.

Outdated printing equipment is often a source of cost overages and even print security vulnerabilities. Managed print services providers can help your district upgrade to the latest imaging technologies while staying within your budget. Your staff will benefit from added features like scanning to document management systems, and they'll experience fewer downtimes that negatively impact the day's productivity.

3. Switch everything print-related to one service, equipment, and supplies provider.

Another advantage of managed print services is the streamlined efficiency of having one point of contact for everything from supplies to equipment maintenance. You won't need to shop for the best price on toner or waste time locating a technician when an issue impacts your workday.

Does your school district need a solution for reducing costs and improving productivity? Get in touch with the DOCutivity Managed Print Services experts at Liberty Business Solutions to take your school's productivity and savings to the next level.