5 Smart Reasons to Upgrade Your Printers and Copiers

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Your organization's printers and copiers help your team accomplish a long list of tasks, and creating document hard copies is just one of many. As with any technology, deciding whether to upgrade or keep your printers and copiers for a few more years isn't always an easy decision to make. While there are some benefits to getting a few more months out of your investment, replacing aging technologies may make better sense than keeping them.

Keep or Replace?

Not sure whether to replace or keep your current printers and copiers? Here are a few points to keep in mind as you make your decision.

  1. Repair costs — Should your organization invest more money to repair printers and copiers that have become outdated? Frequent repairs and parts that are increasingly difficult to locate may tip the balance in favor of upgrading to new equipment.
  2. Security — Are your printers and copiers equipped with the necessary security features? Today's threats are more sophisticated than the ones your print environment faced five years ago. A managed print assessment can help answer these and other questions for you.
  3. Compatability — As you upgrade other technologies, add document management systems and mobile printing solutions, older printers and copiers may not be compatible. For seamless integration with today's mission-critical software and equipment, you'll need a printer fleet that's ready for the challenge.
  4. Loss of productivity — The hard costs of equipment downtime may be easier to calculate than indirect costs, but both should factor into your decision. When downtime impacts your workflows, it's time to consider an upgrade.
  5. Features — The newest multifunction printers and copiers include a long list of productivity-enhancing features that could save your team hours every day.

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