Are You Getting the Best ROI from Your Printers and Copiers?


It's evident that your printers and copiers can print and copy, but are there features on your equipment that you've yet to access? The industry has been busy coming up with remarkable solutions that could help your team shift gears into some entirely new ways of accomplishing their daily tasks.

Here are three strategies that have been proven to help businesses get more value from their printers and copiers.

1. Enable wireless printing.

Your employees don't have to be chained to a desktop computer or even the office to print documents. Today's printers and copiers are wireless and mobile-print-ready, providing secure solutions for printing from a variety of devices and locations.

  • Print on the road. With a mobile print solution, remote workers can access printers via their mobile device, saving valuable time.
  • Send documents to the office. Remote workers can send print jobs straight to the office multifunction system. No hassles and no security issues.
  • Choose the right printer. If the printer closest to your office doesn't print in color, send the job to another printer on the network.

2. Scan to paperless document management systems.

Entering information into your document management system is a simple process with the scanning feature on your multifunction printers and copiers. OCR technology reads the data, captures and converts it to an editable format, and makes it available for fast routing to a variety of locations.

3. Meet your environmental goals.

You can reach your sustainability goals with the features included with today's greener printers and copiers.

  • Energy-saving features to reduce power consumption and lower costs.
  • Capabilities like automatic duplexing help businesses use less paper.
  • Recyclable materials and toner cartridges make today's printers and copiers a greener choice than their predecessors.

Are you getting the best ROI from your printers and copiers? There's more to learn! Contact us at Liberty Business Systems today.