Are Your Printers and Copiers Overdue for a Checkup?

maintenance person

It's easy to overlook preventative maintenance, but when you put your printers and copiers in the hands of expert technicians, your team's workdays will be much more productive. Here's what to consider.

1. Your team depends on your printers and copiers.

Your team puts your printers and copiers through the paces every day, and they depend on them to accomplish critical tasks for your company. When printers and copiers fail to perform, it may be because they haven't had the benefit of a regular maintenance program. Just like a car that's been neglected for too long, inadequate performance is an inevitable consequence.

2. Downtime is counterproductive.

It may seem as if you're saving time and money by putting off routine maintenance. After all, when a technician is working on your printers and copiers, your team doesn't have access. On the other hand, putting off maintenance almost guarantees that a technician will be paying you a visit. Neglecting proactive maintenance in favor of a break-fix approach means your printers and copiers may be offline for a much longer time.

3. You can keep paper jams and other annoyances to a minimum.

Occasional paper jams are inevitable, but when they're happening multiple times throughout the day, something is wrong. A routine maintenance checkup by industry-trained technicians will include thorough cleanings to help keep paper jams from interrupting your workflows. Other issues like lines and smudges on your copies can also be corrected through routine maintenance.

4. Your printers and copiers will perform longer.

You've invested time and money in choosing the right printers and copiers for your team. Protecting your investment means also investing in a service level agreement and maintenance plan. While performing routine maintenance, expert technicians will conduct tests, check for wear on critical parts, and perform system updates.

Are your printers and copiers in need of a checkup? Contact us at Liberty Business Systems for assistance today!