Are Your Printers and Copiers the Weak Link in Your Network?

secure printer with card

Have you done everything in your power to secure your company's printers and copiers? Modern imaging equipment goes far beyond basic printing and copying, with internal hard drives that are frequent targets for hackers. The fact is that cybercrime attacks never let up, and you need to make sure your printers and copiers aren't the weakest links in your network.

Ready, Set, Secure

Leaving your printers and copiers unprotected can make your organization a sitting duck for serious security issues. Here are some solutions you can implement to begin correcting the problem.

  1. Control user access — Your printers and copiers don't need to be accessible to everyone, and modern devices have solutions to prevent unauthorized usage. System administrators can create user-specific accounts with password protection to lock out bad actors. The practice is also useful when compliance regulations specify who is authorized to view, print, or copy certain privileged documents.
  2. Track and restrict usageRules-based printing solutions allow system managers to limit and track device usage. The valuable security tool provides insight into who uses your printers and copiers and how they are being used. Rules-based printing also holds employees accountable for their printing choices—a real benefit if you're looking for ways to reduce waste.
  3. Implement managed print services — Unmanaged fleets of printers and copiers don't just cause security issues; they're also a prime source for uncontrolled spending and productivity slow-downs. A managed print services partnership improves company print strategies with a variety of time-tested solutions, all of which help to drive down spending. For the average organization, benefits like improved productivity, more efficient printers and copiers, and a streamlined supply chain all work together to lower print spending by as much as 30%.

You can secure your company's printers and copiers and lower costs at the same time. To learn more, contact us at Liberty Business Systems today.