Benefits of a Wide Format Printer

wide format

The wide format printer is one of the biggest things in business printing today. It has more capabilities than standard printers, so many printing projects that would once have been outsourced to print centers can now be done in-house. These printers provide a high level of flexibility that allow for more customization of the things your company prints.

Expand Print Possibilities

Where your business was once limited in the scope of what it could print, many of those limitations are gone when there is a wide format printer in the office. It opens the possibilities for printing documents, for creating flyers, making banners and more. Presentations and displays can be made far more personalized with this type of printer offering more size possibilities. You can make your printed materials really pop with these sizes available.

Droplet Technology

Not only do wide format printers offer more size options, but they also offer crisp, high-quality results. They use a type of inkjet printing called droplet technology, and that high-tech solution is extremely effective with its clean printing that is eye-catching. Once you've seen how well these printers deliver, it's easy to pick out items that have been printed with this type of cutting-edge technology.

Faster Printing

With the larger printing sizes and the high-tech process comes another benefit- speed. A wide format printer can print enormous volume quickly and in full color. Many models will print images such as posters in full color at a rate of 15 an hour. When the time spent printing various projects is tabulated, many businesses find that the fast printing speed saves them numerous hours each month, and that time can give the business a higher level of productivity as more gets done in less time.

When you want a higher productivity level, more flexibility in printing and fast, accurate print jobs done, contact us to find out more about what wide format printers can do for your company.