Bring New Excitement to Your Marketing Strategy with Wide Format

businessman presenting in front of group

Have you considered a Canon wide format printer to bring new excitement to your company's marketing campaign? A well-placed wide format banner or billboard can draw attention to your business, piquing interest and giving customers a reason to take a closer look at your goods and services.

Here's a look at the potential benefits of wide-format graphics for your business.

Wide Format Versatility

A poster that looks huge in your office may disappear in your store windows or on the street. A Canon wide format printer can produce graphics on a variety of substrates in sizes you can't produce on standard office equipment. With CMYK and UV versatility, wide format printing offers both indoor and outdoor high-resolution, fade-proof color printing. Consider these options:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Vinyl vehicle wraps
  • In-store signage

Get More Control with an In-House Solution

Your wide format options include outsourcing or acquiring an in-house solution for your marketing team. The benefits of an on-site solution are convincing.

  • Work on your schedule and not someone else's.
  • Complete last-minute print jobs without additional fees for rush orders.
  • Create, print, and install your wide format signage all in the same day.
  • Give your marketing team better control over brand and logo colors.
  • Make last-minute changes without causing additional delays.
  • Avoid set-up and markup fees.
  • Produce small print runs on demand.
  • Catch errors and correct them before and during production.
  • Produce documents in the quantities you need instead of ordering based on outsourcing batch requirements.
  • Use built-in workflow solutions to route information to your document management system and colleagues.
  • Reduce outsourcing costs.

There's no doubt that wide format advertising works. If you're looking for a better way to stand out from the competition, then get in touch with us at Liberty Business to learn more today.