Choosing a Copier for Your Faith-Based Organization, Part 4

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Choosing the right equipment is a big decision; deciding how to acquire it and who to partner with is a crucial part of the equation. Check out our tips below and read our buyer's guide here.

Is a lease or outright purchase better?

For many faith-based organizations, limited and sometimes unpredictable budgets make it difficult to afford a significant outlay of cash. Even so, the benefits provided by a multifunction copier are hard to overlook. A solution in the form of an equipment lease provides the answer. Here's a list of key benefits:

  • Budget predictability — Know exactly what to expect each month.
  • Choose your term — Running your copier lease to the full extension offered is the best value and provides the smallest monthly payment.
  • Upgrade sooner — Opting for an outright purchase may mean your faith organization will need to keep the equipment longer. Leasing usually means faster upgrades to new technologies—a decided advantage to overall productivity and savings.
  • Less frequent downtime —Hanging onto old equipment leads to frequent downtime and hampers your workflows. A lease upgrade provides new equipment and service agreements designed to keep your projects moving forward.

The Importance of the Right Partner

It won't matter if your equipment includes the latest technologies if your provider is unable to meet your needs. Here's what to look for when evaluating a potential equipment partner:

  1. Honesty —It may go without saying, but a provider who isn't upfront about their price or their service offerings may have something to hide.
  2. Clarity — You're not an imaging equipment expert, but they should be. A provider should be able to explain their offerings in layman's terms with usable, practical applications you can understand.
  3. Reputation —How long have they been operating? Can they verifiable provide references and testimonials?
  4. Solutions —What is offered in terms of service? Do they partner with industry-leading manufacturers?

Your faith center or nonprofit organization brings value to the community; at Liberty Business Systems, we'd love to see you succeed! Contact us for an equipment demonstration today!