Choosing the Right Printers and Copiers for Business Use

printers and copiers

Choosing the right printers and copiers for business use involves a complicated series of decisions. You'll need to ask and answer questions like How do we plan to use our printers and copiers? How many people need access? Do we require features other than printing and copying? Which manufacturer offers the best product? Should we choose inkjet or laser technology? What is the total cost of operation? What am I missing?

Obviously, there's much to consider. Today we're going to briefly discuss just one of the most commonly asked questions: Should we purchase an inkjet or laser device?

When to choose an inkjet printer.

Inkjet technology is the best choice for professional quality art prints, photos, and other high-resolution images requiring nearly perfect color reproduction. Inkjet printers spray each color pixel via tiny nozzles, which is why they can reproduce color specifications so well.

The downside to inkjet printing is that the process takes longer and produces a print that must dry before handling. The cost per page is also significantly higher than laser printing.

When to choose a laser printer.

Laser printers are the office workhorse for sharp black and white text, superiors speeds, and high volume outputs. Laser printers are less expensive to operate than inkjet printers; toner cartridges and parts last longer, making the total cost of operation much lower than inkjet printers.

With a cost per page that is much more affordable for everyday business documents, most organizations choose laser printers for office use. Color laser printing is also now readily available and affordable for business use, and multifunction systems add print, copy, scan, and fax features in one streamlined device.

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