Clear Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Printers


With proper maintenance, your printers can continue to work long past their expected life span, saving you from having to replace them as often. But with time, you're likely to start seeing signs that it is time to part with your current equipment and get a newer model. Here are some of the top ways you can tell it is time for a new model.

You're Seeing Too Much of The Printer Repairman

If you're constantly making service calls because your machine is out of order, it may be time to look into getting a new one. Like any machine with components that can wear out, the critical pieces that allow your printer to function will start to fail over time. Over time, replacing these components can be costly, particularly if you're also paying for the repair man's labor. It may be more cost efficient to upgrade to a new machine.

Your Clients and Employees Keep Complaining

If no one can read the copies that come out of your printer, it may be due to the age of the printer. Older printers can lose their sharpness, producing letters that run together and are harder to read. If you're seeing faded letters, ink splotches or blurry lines on your printed papers, it may be time to get a new machine. Continuing to distribute poorly printed copies can make clients think your business is unprofessional and lead to frustration for your employees.

You Need More Than Your Current Printer Can Give You

While your old printer may still produce clear documents, it might not be able to do more advanced things that a newer printer can, including:

  • Scan and upload documents
  • Retrieve files from the cloud and print them
  • Protect access by requiring user passwords

If you've decided to upgrade to a new printer, visit Liberty Business today. We have a wide selection of top of the line printers for any office space and price range.