A Crash-Course in Wide Format Printers

What do you think of when you hear the words "wide format printer?" If you don't automatically think of modern but easy-to-use equipment, efficiency, and plenty of new opportunities for your company, then you might just benefit from a crash-course in wide format printers.

The Basics

Wide format equipment can be described in many ways, but in basic terms, a wide format device is anything used to print or copy a document larger than the traditional 11 x 17. When you get more specific, you'll find that some wide format printers are "small format," meaning they work in relatively traditional dimensions, and others are "large format," meaning that they can effectively handle documents 2' x 3'. In most cases, companies get maximum benefit from wide format devices that work in large format. There is a large variety of wide format equipment available, from low-cost and low-footprint to huge, high-tech devices that can print on wood.

What Wide Format Printers Can Do

It might seem like there's a lot to know, but in truth, it's easy to use wide format printers and easier to put them to work for you. Our wide format printer experts know that this kind of equipment opens up all kinds of opportunities for your company. When you have a wide format printer at your disposal, you'll find countless chances to put that technology to work and make your company look professional, detail-oriented, and creative. Wide format printers can seamlessly create:

  • posters
  • advertisements
  • blueprints
  • vehicle wraps
  • banners
  • billboards

With all these options and more, advertising is easier and more visually appealing than ever--and your company will be interacting with existing and future clients in new ways. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your company's printing to the next level. Contact us today!