Electing the Best Multifunction Copier for Your Requirements

multifunction copier

There are plenty of good reasons why businesses choose multifunction copiers for their daily office processes. Benefits such as high-quality printing and copying, network connectivity, paperless workflow solutions, and professional finishing capabilities make multifunction copiers indispensable tools for offices of all types and sizes.

Where to start.

If you're wondering how to choose the right device from among the industry's many exceptional offerings, we understand your concerns. Here's how to weed out the multifunction copiers that aren't right for your needs and find a perfect solution for your company's unique requirements.

1. Determine your volume and speed requirements.

Your print volume and demand is the first place to begin when searching for the right multifunction copier. Your equipment provider can help you determine these metrics if you aren't sure where your current print volumes stand. Be sure to choose a device with a monthly duty cycle that exceeds your current requirements—you'll have room for growth and won't exceed your equipment's capabilities.

2. Decide where you stand on color.

It's true that color multifunction copiers are more expensive than black-and-white models, but it's wise to consider the advantages of an in-house color printing solution. Research bears out that a splash of color on invoices and other customer-facing materials delivers better results than monochrome documents. You can choose a default monochrome setting to avoid the overuse of unnecessary color printing in the office.

3. Do you need professional finishing capabilities?

Today's multifunction copiers can take over menial tasks like collating, hole-punching and stapling. If you've been paying a staff member or an outsourced printing house to finish your documents, a multifunction copier can provide some real savings.

Are you looking for new ways to maximize document output, increase efficiency, and save money? Contact the knowledgeable staff at Liberty Business for a demonstration of the latest multifunction copiers today!