Enhance Learning with the Lanier MFP for Education Series

college student using printer

Digital workflows aren't just for business; college students have been using cutting-edge digital technologies for years. The Lanier MFP for Education Series of specialized multifunction printers and copiers allows students and instructors alike to get the most from their digital processes, improving productivity, reducing costs, and increasing information security for educational institutions.

Here's a look at the key advantages offered by the Lanier MFP for Education Series of multifunction printers and copiers.

  1. All-in-one functionality. Single-function printers and copiers scattered across campus aren't the best use of your organization's resources. Lanier provides the functionality of four isolated technologies into one space and cost-saving device. Users can print, copy, scan or fax research papers, test results, notes, paperwork and more directly from the touchscreen interface.
  2. Improved collaboration. Sharing information on campus can be a simple, one-step process with Lanier Multifunction printers and copiers. Using the ICE CLOUD Educational Package, students and instructors can access and share documents from computers or mobile devices. The process is secure, uses familiar swipe technology, and eliminates the confusion of collaboration via email.
  3. Scan to learn. Instructors can improve the learning experience by scanning hard copy documents and sharing them directly to systems like Blackboard Learn and Canvas. Need a printout? Simply send the document to your Lanier multifunction system. A security code keeps the job in queue until you're ready for secure release.
  4. Control costs. Accounting software helps educational institutions keep track of printing costs. Improve chargeback results, track usage, and improve user accountability. Locked paper trays reduce theft, and bypass tray seals prevent the introduction of unsupported media and the inevitable paper jams.

The Lanier MFP for Education Series of multifunction printers and copiers can help your campus lower costs, increase information security, and most importantly, enhance the learning experience. For an informative demonstration, contact us at Liberty Business Systems today!