Finding the Right Wide Format Printer for Your AEC Firm

person making notes on a blueprint

Your architectural firm may have access to a reputable commercial printing shop, but have you considered the advantages of an in-house printer? An on-site wide format printer can provide a cost-effective solution for your AEC designs, delivering fast results as well as powerful workflow software.

Making the Right Choice

Your equipment provider can help your firm select a wide format solution to meet your specific requirements. At Liberty Business Systems, we work with world-class technology partners to make sure your firm has the best available equipment for your needs. Here's what to consider when you start looking.

  1. Quality — Advances in technology have made wide format printing equipment more affordable, and smaller devices capable of professional results make the in-house option a reality for small firms. When choosing your printer, keep in mind that a more expensive printer may provide a lower overall cost of operation. Be sure to research TCO instead of focusing too narrowly on the purchase price.
  2. Program integration — Research available wide format printers to find one that's compatible with your firm's favorite drafting and project management programs. Compatibility with document management solutions and mobile support should also be taken into consideration.
  3. Speed — Some of the latest wide format printers offer astonishingly fast outputs. If speed is essential to your firm, Liberty can help you find a printer to keep up with your demand.
  4. Ink — Newly formulated inks can improve the vibrancy and clarity of your AEC prints, so be sure to ask about the latest advances. Some devices offer large-capacity ink tanks and on-the-fly replacement to keep your critical print projects on schedule. Automatic low-ink notifications are also available on some models.

By taking your time and working with the professionals at Liberty Business Equipment, you'll be sure to find a wide format printer that meets your needs. Contact us today!