Five Reasons Why You Need a Managed Print Assessment

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If you've never considered a managed print assessment because you thought it wasn't necessary, you may want to reconsider.

Check out these five reasons you may want to dig deeper and find out just how much you're spending on document output.

1. You're not sure how much you spend on printing documents.

Most businesses have no way to track their total print spend and no time to do so. A managed print assessment tracks every print-related expense so you can begin reducing costs. For many companies, the figure comes in at 1% to 3% of annual revenues.

2. You don't have a print policy for your employees.

Without clearly defined printing rules, your employees have no way to know what you expect. And without restrictions in place, print volumes and costs can escalate quickly. With quotas and restrictions on who can print what, you'll have a solution in place to rein in costs once and for all.

3. You aren't sure what equipment you own.

It's not unusual for business leaders to lose track of their printing fleet. And with ad hoc purchasing of consumables and even devices, things can quickly become unmanageable. Managed print services provide a solution by eliminating redundant devices, relocating others to improve productivity, and making suggestions to get the most from your fleet.

4. Your devices may not be secure.

No matter what kind of industry you're in, a print infrastructure with security vulnerabilities is a problem. A managed print assessment can help pinpoint issues and provide solutions to mitigate your risks.

5. You depend on your IT team for printer issues.

For some IT teams, printer issues make up as much as 50% of helpdesk tickets. A managed print partnership provides you with industry-trained and certified technicians whose only job is to keep your printers in top condition.

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