Gain Control of Costs with Managed Print

managed print

Is your print environment taking a toll on your company's bottom line? You've focused your time on running your business, not your printer fleet, which is obviously the right course of action. In the meantime, however, unmanaged print workflows and equipment is consuming 1% to as high as 10% of your total annual revenues.

Expert Support

One of the inherent problems of managing a print environment is a lack of in-house expertise. It's common to have employees with years of end-user experience with printers and copiers. It's unlikely, however, that someone on your staff possesses the skills to not only manage devices but to recommend the changes that could make a tremendous difference in overall efficiency and operational costs. Managed print services companies provide this targeted expertise, giving your business benefits that trigger productivity gains and lower costs almost immediately.

Additional Benefits

Managed print services provide a long list of benefits. Here's an overview of how the partnership could change your everyday processes.

  • Proactive equipment maintenance keeps your equipment operational, reducing the downtime that sends productivity plummeting.
  • New visibility into your print environment for a clearer picture of the costs and activities.
  • One provider and one invoice for all of your print-related activities.
  • Automated supply fulfillment initiated by low-toner alerts sent by your equipment.
  • More time for your team to perform the jobs you hired them to do.
  • Help desk support to give your IT staff a break from print-related troubleshooting and training.
  • Increased efficiency when managed print teams streamline your print-related workflows.
  • Less waste and more accountability with rules-based printing solutions that keep wasteful printing choices in check.
  • Equipment upgrades at no additional cost to your company.

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