Going Digital With Multifunction Copiers

multifunction copier

Small-to-medium business leaders know that business at the speed of paper is no longer an option in today's technology-driven marketplace. Smart managers armed with this information are taking steps to digitize paper documents and capture information at critical points of entry.

Eliminating Paper With a Multifunction System

For many organizations, centralized multifunction copiers are the most efficient way to capture data as it enters their systems. Here's why so many companies rely on multifunction copiers to manage their business intelligence.

Improved Productivity

The key to successful document management is capturing and processing information at key starting points. Strategically-placed multifunction copiers provide staff members with the tools to scan and capture information, making it immediately available to the next person in the process.

The paper-based alternative requires more employee hours to enter data manually, then print, copy, route, and file hard-copy documents. A multifunction copier lets staff members digitally route information with just a few clicks, and can also give remote employees access to a secure mobile printing solution.

Reduced costs.

Multifunction copiers have earned their reputation for saving money. Here's how they stack up against single-function devices:

  • Print, copy, scan, and fax on one centralized device.
  • Digitally route information to electronic document management systems.
  • Eliminate your dependence on paper storage solutions like filing cabinets, binders, shelving units, bankers boxes, and off-site storage facilities.
  • Reduce the costs associated with excessive document printing, including paper, toner, energy, and equipment.
  • Reduce your need for outsourced printing with in-house professional printing capabilities.
  • Fast page-per-minute capabilities and high-capacity paper trays help your team fast-track critical projects.

Multifunction copiers can help transform the way your company does business. If you're ready to enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art digital office solutions, contact us at Liberty Business Systems today!