In-House vs. Outsourcing—Where Does Your Team Stand on Production Printing?

man thinking about a decision

When deciding on your company's printing strategy, the question of in-house vs. outsourcing is almost always on the table. The fact is, if you're printing documents at the production level, your organization will eventually find compelling reasons to bring most or all of your printing in-house.

The Question of Cost

There's little doubt that on the question of in-house vs. outsourcing, the issue of cost dominates the conversation. Businesses must compare the initial investment required to acquire production printing equipment to the ongoing cost for high-volume outsourced printing. In many cases, bulk orders may be the only way to make outsourcing affordable, leaving companies with printed materials they'll never use. Mainly because of advances in digital color printing technology, the ROI for an in-house solution is faster than one might expect.

Other factors in addition to cost should be considered to gain a clearer picture.

In-House Convenience

It's not unusual for convenience to tip the scales in favor of an in-house production printing solution. Staff members weighing in on the in-house vs. outsourcing question like the convenience of unlimited access to production printing capabilities. The benefits are easy to see.

  • Scheduling —Meet company deadlines and print materials on time, on demand, and with fewer scheduling conflicts.
  • Short runs —High markup fees can make short runs too costly when outsourcing.
  • No wait times —Print shop wait times may make it impossible to complete some critical last-minute jobs.

Artistic Control & Customization

In-house flexibility is a benefit that shouldn't be overlooked. Graphic artists like the benefit of more control over brand colors and marketing teams see real advantages in features like variable data printing and customization.

How does your team weigh in on the in-house vs. outsourcing question? For help choosing the right course of action for your company, contact us at Liberty Business Systems today!