In-House vs. Outsourcing: Which Printing Solution is Right for Your Company?

printer in use

When you're a small business, the in-house vs. outsourcing discussion is always ongoing. It may seem like an in-house vs. outsourcing decision must be made for everything from the break room coffee supplies to managing your office print environment.

Should You Keep Printing In-House?

In the debate over in-house vs. outsourcing, printing is one sector that should be revisited on regular occasions. As your business grows, your printing needs may change dramatically, and a solution that worked one year may be entirely impractical the next. Here's a look at some common scenarios.

  1. You're small, so a mix of in-house and outsourcing works. Many startups begin with one or two people who are often also the business owners. Unless printing is the core business objective, most small companies can handle basic document printing on a small laser printer. For needs like business cards, outsourcing to a local copy shop is usually a good solution.

  2. You're growing, so your original equipment isn't keeping up with demand. With growth comes a need to revisit the in-house vs. outsourcing printing discussion. For daily business processes, a multifunction copier that provides access to scanning and document management solutions can help SMBs accomplish more tasks with a smaller staff. The right equipment can also allow internal printing of marketing documents like direct mail postcards and handouts for conventions and trade shows.

  3. You'd like to go bigger. Some companies need documents that are bigger than standard sizes, and an in-house wide format printer offers outstanding results. The latest user-friendly technologies allow even first-time users to print marketing materials, signage, photographs and more without the cost and wait times associated with outsourcing.

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