How to Choose the Right Copier

Are you in the market for a new multifunction copier or printer? It's not easy to find exactly the model that will fill your company's needs when there are thousands of options available, but it's helpful to take a minute to look at your business processes. Consider what your needs are, and then find a printer to meet those needs. Here's a short guide to help you get started on your printer-finding journey.

The Right Printer for Your Needs

Whether you're looking for inkjet, laser, color, black-and-white, single function or multifunction, there's a printer for everyone.

For when you print high-quality color jobs

If you are using your printer for color jobs such as brochures, hand-outs, full-color posters, and documents, you'll want to look closely at an inkjet option. Inkjet printers are still the gold standard of color, providing stunning results with excellent color-matching. There are laser color printers, as well, which are a good option if speed is an important factor for you. A color multifunction copier can give you the functionality you need to create vibrant color prints.

For when you print black-and-white documents

If your office prints black-and-white documents—and lots of them—a laser multifunction copier is your best bet. A laser multifunction copier provides the speed and capacity to handle the brunt of your office printing while giving you smart finishing options and digital workflow enhancements. A multifunction printer is the office workhorse, and it's worth investing in to get your work done.

For when you print high volumes

Consider options like production printers for higher volume printing, especially if your business creates duplicates multiple-page documents regularly. If you need more personalized assistance finding exactly the right printer for your needs, contact us today.