How Managed Print Benefits the Legal Industry

managed print

Has your law firm considered partnering with a managed print provider to conduct an assessment of your print environment? As part of a document-intensive industry, your firm could stand to benefit in several key areas.

How MPS Providers Deliver a Better-Managed Print Environment

While your staff is busy serving your clients, your copiers and printers are often operating at capacity. Employees throughout the organization may order supplies, add new equipment, and make decisions about device location without much oversight. Over time, this ad hoc approach can result in hidden costs and monthly spending to the tune of 3% or more of your annual revenues.

A managed print assessment provides an in-depth analysis of everything print-related within your law firm's offices. When they're finished, you'll have a clearer picture of your print spend, and practical solutions to correct existing problems.

Here's how managed print experts go about solving the problems associated with an unmanaged print infrastructure.

  1. Lower costs: Solutions to reduce paper and supply waste, maintain equipment and right-size your fleet can deliver savings as high as 30% off your current expenses.
  2. More time for your staff: An unmanaged print environment is full of inefficiencies caused by bottlenecks, improper device-to-employee ratios, and constant interruptions by poorly performing equipment. Managed print takes over device maintenance and supply acquisition and redesigns your print-dependent workflows to deliver new efficiencies to your entire firm.
  3. Improved security and compliance: Without diligent oversight, print environments can be an ongoing source of security vulnerabilities. Managed print experts deploy print security solutions designed to protect your multifunction printers, your data, and your network.

Is your legal firm facing problems caused by an unmanaged printer fleet? Contact us at Liberty Business Systems for a DOCutivity Managed Print Services assessment today.