How to Use Your Business Printers and Copiers More Effectively

printers and copiers

You know you can use your printers and copiers to produce and duplicate business documents, but there's a lot more to be gained with these productivity-saving devices. Here are three ways you can get more from your equipment investment and gain new efficiencies in every department.

1. Start multitasking.

Most of us can admit that our heroic attempts at multitasking usually just make things worse, but that's not the case with a multifunction copier on your team. A multifunction system is designed to tackle the art of multitasking head on, and you should take full advantage of the built-in features.

  • Copy, print, scan, and fax from the same device.
  • Produce high-quality documents in both black and white and color.
  • Use the intuitive touch-screen panel to capture and route information to individuals, cloud storage repositories, and document management systems.
  • Communicate via email or fax.
  • Secure your company's sensitive documents.
  • Free up office clutter by eliminating stand-alone, single-function devices.

2. Create professional documents in-house.

A multifunction system with high-resolution color printing capabilities and professional finishing features can reduce your need for expensive outsourcing.

  • Create and print marketing materials like brochures, direct mail postcards, and newsletters in-house.
  • Produce internal reports, training manuals, and more with printers and copiers that collate, fold, staple, saddle stitch, and hole punch.
  • Forget about high fees for short print runs by producing most of your documents in-house and on demand.

3. Reduce your printing costs.

Today's printers and copiers include features that can help reduce printing costs.

  • Automatic duplexing reduces paper usage by an average of 40%.
  • Pull printing requires authentication at the device—a practice that reduces wasteful printing and protects your sensitive documents.
  • Draft modes, print previews, and energy-efficient features cut back on toner, paper, and power consumption.

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