Implementing a Managed Print Service Program

printer in use

If you find yourself of your employees spending too much time dealing with printer issues, ordering supplies and restocking paper, it may be time to implement a managed service program. This all in one solution takes most of the responsibility of handling your printer and the issues that arise with it off your shoulders and gives you access to expert advice and resources. With proper guidelines in place and sufficient supplies on hand, you can spend less time on these issues and more time on the vital tasks you need to address to keep business moving.

Why Implement a Managed Print Service Program?

In addition to taking the burden of managing your print supplies and technology in-house away, having a managed print program in place helps you make more informed decisions about your expenditures and resources. For example, a managed service program can help you get a better idea of your costs for each page printed, how much each user is printing, and where you can cut waste and save money.

What are the Advantages of this Program?

There can be many advantages to putting a managed print system in place. With one single invoice to pay for all your printer related needs, including supplies and repairs, you can get a better idea of where your money is going. If you feel you are overspending on printing, implementing this type of program is a good first step. With user tracking in place, you can see which users are printing the most and try to find better document workflows to cut down on the amount of printing that needs to be done. If you spend too much on repair and service calls, having a set amount of help each month from an expert can help you get to the root cause of the problem and solve it.

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