Introducing the Lanier MFP for Education Series


Digital learning is now well established on campuses across the country, and the technology industry is meeting the challenge with specialized printers and copiers designed to simplify the digital learning process. With models in the $200 to $300 range, the solution is affordable even for the tightest school budget. Check out these advantages:

A greener campus.

Today's students are extremely concerned about the destruction of our country's limited natural resources. Millennials are willing to do whatever they can to conserve those resources, and they'll follow through when a green solution is close at hand.

Printers and copiers with digital alternatives to hardcopy processes are readily available and affordable. When centrally located in common gathering spots like student centers, computer labs, libraries, and department workstations, it's easy for students to choose digital formats. And when your students go green, so does your campus.

Do more with less.

Let students get on with their work by installing multifunction printers and copiers throughout your campus. The Lanier MP C3004EX TE for Education lets students copy, print, scan, or fax from one convenient location. Features like the ICE CLOUD Education Package lets students scan and route documents directly to selected applications in one simple step. Retrieving documents is just as easy, and authorized users can gain secure access via mobile devices or desktops.

When your students need to print.

Sharing ideas on paper is still a part of the educational experience, and the Lanier MP for Education Series delivers with high-capacity paper trays, stunning color images, and crisp black-and-white text. Features like locking paper trays secure campus resources and protect the device from issues caused by unsupported media.

Ready to find out how the Lanier MFP for Education Series can help your campus go green and improve collaboration? Contact us at Liberty Business Systems to learn more today!