Is It Time to Invest in New Printers and Copiers?

printer in use

Business leaders are always on the look-out for ways to cut operating costs and save time. If you've pulled out every trick in your hat and your processes are still plagued by bottlenecks and slow-downs, your printers and copiers could be part of the problem.

Should You Consider an Upgrade?

You could be losing considerable time and money due to inefficient printers that also cost more than they should to operate. Here's how you can know if it's time to invest in better printers and copiers.

1. You're Paying Too Much to Print

Do you know how much your company spends per printed document? The costs incurred include more than paper and supplies; maintenance costs and office downtime are also a part of the picture.

A managed print company can assess your print infrastructure to help you find out what percentage of your revenues are going toward printing costs.

2. You Have a Print Security Problem

Your printers and copiers could be your most pressing security risk. If they're more than five years old and lack the latest security features, there's a good chance that criminals could exploit those vulnerabilities to hack into your system.

Printers and copiers also cause internal security situations when users send confidential documents to print trays before they're ready to retrieve them.

By upgrading your equipment, your company can gain real-time security defenses to keep threats out of your systems.

3. You're Dependent on Paper Processes

Did you know that upgrading your printers and copiers is the first step toward paperless office processes? Multifunction copiers provide robust document scanning and capture solutions—your company's first step toward paperless document management.

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