Lower Costs with Managed Print

Most business professionals are looking for creative ways to reduce overall costs without sacrificing productivity, and many are missing an area ripe for improvement: printing. For most businesses, printing is a money pit, full of waste and inefficiencies, and it sometimes represents the third highest expense that a company incurs over a year's time, right after payroll and rent.

At the same time, there are few businesses that fully understand their printing costs, because it's rare to see a company with print accounting software installed. Without rules-based printing or tracking software, it's hard to know how much your business prints in a month—and even more difficult to control or lower this amount.

Managed print services can bring this low-hanging fruit right into your proverbial basket and make it simple to reduce your costs right now while upping your productivity. What are you waiting for?

Managed Print Reduces Overall Costs

There are several ways that managed print services can reduce your business costs. This is an overview of just a few of the ways that you'll see savings with managed print.

  • Less waste: Managed print services makes it easy to make sure none of your printers or print-related materials go to waste. Your managed services provider will manage supply ordering and help you use each machine to its fullest potential.
  • Lower energy bills: Did you know some of your devices are likely sucking power at an alarming rate? Your managed services provider will help you identify and fix any machines that aren't modernized on the energy front.
  • Faster service: A device down is money wasted. Get better repair services with managed print services and save money.
  • Improved productivity: A managed services provider will make your workflows more efficient, saving you money in staff time and productivity.

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