Managed Print Savings for Your Healthcare Facility

healthcare documents on desk

An unmanaged print environment is expensive for any organization, but for the healthcare sector, the stakes may be even higher. With concerns about rising operational costs and information security, healthcare providers can't afford to be uninformed about the state of their print infrastructure.

Three Managed Print Opportunities to Save

Managed print provides the healthcare sector with opportunities to save money, with an impressive list of other benefits as part of the package. Here's how to unlock some remarkable savings.

  • Lower print volumes — The healthcare industry relies on documentation, but unnecessary printing can quickly drive up costs. Managed print partnerships give departments access to solutions curb non-essential printing. Duplexing, quotas, print tracking, and electronic document management solutions all work together to reduce print volumes and costs.
  • Streamlined printer fleets — Redundant equipment, obsolete devices, and workflow bottlenecks all combine to make printing costs too high. Managed print companies analyze print environments and reconfigure equipment to reduce waste and match equipment features to the right departments and employees.
  • Less equipment downtime — Whether it's an empty supply room or a multifunction system that's always failing, it's a problem when it prevents healthcare workers from performing their jobs. Managed print partnerships give healthcare facilities access to automatic supply replenishment, expert equipment maintenance and repairs, new equipment, and professional tech support.

To summarize, managed print can reduce your healthcare organization's total print volume, color document printing, and equipment costs. When combined with an overall reduction in print-related productivity issues, your facility's savings can be substantial. Larger healthcare organizations with higher print volumes and more equipment can expect the savings to be even higher.

To learn more about the benefits of Managed Print Services and Rules-Based Printing for your healthcare facility, contact us at Liberty Business Systems today!