Multifunction Copiers for Architecture Firms

If you're running an architectural firm and you're wondering what you need in an office copier, it's time to start asking the right questions. For most architects, print quality is an important measure of your copier's value, but it can be hard to find the exact mixture of low costs, high quality, and user-friendliness. Finding the right copier is much easier when you have a team of experts helping you out. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Finding the Right Copier

The perfect copier is the one that fits your unique needs. Start by asking yourself these questions.

  1. How much do we print in a month? Do you know how much your firm prints in a month? Every printer has a monthly duty cycle and understanding this volume will help you find the right printer that's up to taking the brunt of your monthly workload. If you buy a printer that doesn't meet this minimum, you'll end up repairing it often and replacing it soon. If you buy one that's significantly above your needs, you'll just be wasting money on upfront costs.
  2. What will we need in the future? Remember that your firm is likely growing and that your needs may change within the life cycle of a copier. Buy with the future in mind and consider functionality and features that may be helpful soon.
  3. Is speed a concern? If you're printing a large volume every day, speed is an issue. Higher print speeds make it easier to keep productivity up even during busy seasons, and it's worthwhile to consider a copier with more speed.
  4. Do we need wide format? Many architecture firms consider purchasing wide format printers for their blueprints and schematics.

For more information about finding the right copier for your business, contact us.