Need Help Choosing a Multifunction Copier? Here It Is!


Multifunction copiers are taking over the office and for a good reason. These high-functioning devices can transform the way workgroups of all types and sizes perform daily tasks.

Deciding to acquire a multifunction system is easy — deciding which device among thousands of choices? That's a little bit more challenging. Fortunately, your equipment provider can help you find a multifunction system that matches your requirements. In the meantime, here's a run-down of the fundamentals:

1. Do you want color or monochrome?

The default choice in the past was to choose black-and-white whenever possible. The reasons had mostly to do with cost. Today, an in-house color printing solution is much easier to acquire, and a color printing option is considered a good business move. Research bears out that a touch of color on invoices, newsletters, and training materials delivers a much better response than black-and-white.

2. What are your speed and volume requirements?

Here's where things get a little more specific, and if you're not sure about your requirements, a managed print assessment can help. Multifunction copiers vary in size and capabilities, with devices available to handle the most demanding volume and speed requirements.

3. How do you manage your information?

The scanning feature on today's multifunction copiers can help your team capture and route digital information directly into your document management system. The same device that copies and print documents can bypass both features for highly-productive paperless workflows.

4. Is waste an issue?

Multifunction copiers with features like automatic duplexing, print preview, draft mode, and more can help your organization reduce printing waste. You'll save money and reduce your impact on the environment at the same time.

Need help choosing from a long list of great multifunction copiers? We can help! Get in touch with the team at Liberty Business Systems today!