Need a Managed Print Assessment? Find Out Now!

taking pulse

Have you taken the pulse of your print environment lately? Is your fleet improving your workflows and creating new opportunities for efficiency? If not, do you know why? And what about expenses? Can you put your finger on a number that accurately reflects your real costs? Many business leaders are working with managed print providers to reduce costs and improve productivity. Here's what they've learned.

Find Out if You Need an Assessment

Not sure if your organization needs a managed print assessment? Take our quick quiz to find out now.

  1. Do you own more than one imaging device, including copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines?
  2. Do you have one point of contact for equipment acquisitions, service, and supply fulfillment?
  3. Are the devices in your fleet from a variety of manufacturers?
  4. Are unclaimed documents an ongoing issue?
  5. Are your devices set to default to automatic duplexing?
  6. Who is allowed to print color documents?
  7. Is your IT staff responsible for print-related troubleshooting?
  8. Do you have a secure mobile printing solution in place?
  9. Is an established print policy a part of your company culture?
  10. Do your multifunction systems integrate well with your document management system?

Learn More Now

If you're not sure how your print environment measures up, it's easy to find out. A managed print assessment is designed to bring clarity and improvement to your print infrastructure. Here's what you'll find out with a Liberty Business Managed Print Assessment:

  • The real cost of operating your print environment.
  • Solutions to reduce your current print spend.
  • Print-related workflow tips to increase productivity.
  • Device reorganization to solve bottlenecks caused by a mismanaged fleet.

Ready to learn more? Find out how to improve your company's print strategy by beginning a managed print conversation today! Contact us at Liberty Business to learn more now.