Out-of-the-Box Wide Format Printing

wide format

What comes to mind when you think of wide format printing? Most of us think of traditional applications like banners and posters, but today's wide format printers have a lot more to offer.

Think beyond the paper rectangle.

There's no doubt that a wide format poster or banner can draw a lot of attention, but what if you tried a unique shape or substrate?

With a wide format printer that's not limited to paper or vinyl, your marketing team can print on unexpected materials like aluminum, max metal (composite aluminum), acrylic, wood, or canvas. Because these materials go beyond common materials, they're sure to draw attention. Try a unique cutout for even more unusual and eye-catching signage.

Have you tried white ink?

A wide format printer with white ink capabilities can take your marketing campaign from ordinary to exciting. While most printers can only give the impression of white ink by taking advantage of a white background, true white ink can be used on substrates other than white. Think of white on wood, metal, or acrylic, and you'll have an idea of the impact of using white ink.

Get more from your office space.

What's on the walls in your office lobby or waiting area? You may have a few pieces of artwork that you picked up from an interior decorating supplier, but is that the best you can do with the space?

A wide format printer lets you use your office walls as a free space for promoting your brand and company culture.

  • Create a timeline of your company's history.
  • Print a mural to mimic the outdoors.
  • Print a unique frosted glass look for your front door.
  • Create unusual wall or window clings.

There's a lot more to learn about wide format printing. Get in touch with us at Liberty for a demonstration today!