Overcoming Print-Related Security Risks with Managed Print

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You've secured your desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones, but are there more devices on your network? If your employees have access to a multifunction copier to scan documents and are sending print jobs to a laser printer, then this equipment needs the same level of attention as your other networked technologies. In unmanaged print environments, hackers and other bad actors can use unprotected imaging equipment to enter networks, slip undetected into your database, and steal information on printed documents.

Here's how Managed Print Services companies solve the problem or print security vulnerabilities for you.

Are Your Printers Protected?

Securing your print network is a challenge, especially when you're relying on employees without the proper training and tools for the task. Fortunately, you don't need to redirect your entire IT team to address the issue. Managed Print professionals can help your business leverage the latest print security technologies and also provide Rules-Based Printing solutions to ensure confidentiality.

  • Eliminate old devices that pose a risk to your network.
  • Take advantage of on-device solutions to ramp up print security.
  • Ensure any data saved on your multifunction copiers is erased or the hard drive removed at the end of your lease agreement.
  • Pull-printing or follow-me printing technologies provide a secure printing solution on shared equipment, eliminating the issue of confidential documents left unprotected in print trays.
  • Control who prints certain documents, and restrict access to documents saved on the device with advanced user authentication protocols.
  • Track device usage to gain insight into who is accessing your equipment, when, and for what purposes.
  • Print tracking software provides proof of compliance during audits.

As the number and type of devices added to your network grows, so do your risks of a security breach. To learn more about how Managed Print Services partnership can help solve your print-related security issues, contact us at Liberty Business Systems today.