Production Printing: A Look at In-house vs. Outsourcing Benefits


In-house vs. outsourcing is a hot topic for business leaders, primarily due to the widespread adoption of wide format and production print equipment by smaller enterprises. With digital production printing solutions widely available and more affordable than ever, it's wise to take a look at the benefits. Here are some factors to consider.

Lower costs and more control.

Outsourcing is a good choice for extremely high-volume jobs, but for shorter print runs, an in-house solution often delivers the product in less time and for less money. Third-party print suppliers may also need to charge markup and processing fees.

An in-house vs. outsourcing conversation must also include the benefits of artistic and scheduling control. Here's what you should consider:

  1. An in-house solution allows marketing teams better control over their brand, and digital production print equipment makes test runs and on-the-fly changes easier than ever.
  2. Outsourcing means relying on copy shop hours, and long wait times. An in-house production print solution lets your team work after hours to meet crucial deadlines, and responding to last-minute print requirements is a simple matter of prioritizing jobs in the print queue.

Print security

Any discussion of in-house vs. outsourcing must include print security. Outsourcing can give rise to some serious security issues, all of which must be addressed before entrusting confidential materials to a third party. Some typical concerns include:

  • How many print center employees will handle your confidential information?
  • Is the information contained in your documents protected by compliance regulations?
  • How secure is the print center's network?
  • Are the print center's devices protected by passcodes and data encryption?

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