Should You Repair or Replace Your Printers and Copiers?

woman repairing printer

Most businesses eventually face the question of whether to replace their printers and copiers or continue to repair them. It's easy to make a choice that seems to be in your best interest but ends up costing you more in the long run.

High Repair Costs

You already own your equipment and have invested time and money in its care and maintenance. Your employees are very familiar with the features of your existing printers and copiers, and replacing them means more time invested in training. Even so, technology changes rapidly, and parts for your equipment may already be difficult to obtain, causing delays and high repair costs. Replacing your aging printers and copiers through a purchase or lease agreement will be less expensive in the long run.

Network Security

Outdated office equipment can't fend off the sophisticated security threats businesses face today. Hackers know that vulnerabilities in printers and copiers are often a weak link in the network, and will use them to gain silent entrance into your server. Stay on top of the issue by making sure your printers and copiers include the latest security features. Saving a few dollars by waiting to upgrade isn't worth compromising security.

The Cost of Downtime

There's more to consider than fixed costs like lease payments and toner. Your printers and copiers are part of complex workflows that keep your projects moving forward. When your equipment fails, your employees can't complete their tasks. New equipment is a better investment than paying your staff to empty the recycle bin or clean the whiteboard in the conference room.

Is your staff ready to stage a revolt and throw your printers and copiers from a second-floor window? Don't wait until it comes to that! Contact us at Liberty Business Systems for a look at some new equipment options today!