Should You Replace or Keep Your Old Printers and Copiers?

Replace or Keep Your Old Printers

Several factors come into play when deciding whether to keep your old printers and copiers or replace them. Traditional reasoning falls onto the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" side of the question, but staying up-to-date with your office technology is a little different than hanging onto a classic car.

Let's consider the question of replacing your printers and copiers from the standpoint of what's best for your company.

1. Repairs may soon become frequent and more expensive.

Given the fact that your old printers and copiers are no longer under a maintenance contract, you may have already noticed that what used to be occasional repairs have turned into frequent and costly hits to your finances. At some point, parts may become difficult to locate, and even the best equipment provider may eventually run out of options.

2. Your printers and copiers may not mesh well with today's digital business environment.

Businesses do a lot more with their printers and copiers today than they did even just ten years ago. By hanging onto outdated equipment, you may end up in a tech vacuum where none of your computers or mobile devices are compatible. With wireless connectivity a must-have in today's business environment, you need to be able to deploy a digital document management system or scan a document to email.

3. Your employees can't work when your equipment doesn't work.

Productivity losses due to equipment downtime are no good for employee morale or your bottom line. If you've got talented employees who'd like to get on with their work, you're doing yourself a favor when you provide them with the equipment they need to do their jobs.

New printers and copiers can give you access to some incredible workflow solutions. To find out what they can do for your business, contact us at Liberty today!