Should You Sign On for In-House Digital Printing?

plan a or plan b

Digital print technology advances have helped businesses leverage the power of in-house printing, in many cases shifting the advantages in favor of an on-site solution. Not sure where you stand on the in-house vs. outsourcing question? Read on for a look at some of the major points on both sides of the issue.

In-House vs. Outsourcing

Print shouldn't be overlooked as a vital part of your communications strategy. While many of your customers may be all-in for digital communications only, you've likely got a broad customer-base who either prefers print or responds to a mix of digital and hardcopy formats. It's also true that you'll still require printing for some in-house usage, even if you've made the switch to electronic document management.

Your in-house vs. outsourcing debate may not end today, but here's some input to help you move forward with your decision.

  • Quality is up — We know you care about print quality, especially when it comes to your customer-facing materials. Today's digital printing solutions can hold their own when compared to offset printing, and many can handle a wide assortment of substrates and paper sizes.
  • More control — Few business leaders wouldn't say "yes" to more control of their print jobs. Outsourcing requires dealing with an outside party and agreeing to work within their time constraints and capabilities. With an in-house printing solution, your team can respond to last-minute requests, make changes on the fly, keep brand recognition top-of-mind, and keep third-parties from accessing your confidential information.
  • Lower costs — Digital printing bypasses the costly setup and short-run fees typical to outsourced offset printing. And with a Managed Print Services agreement, you'll have access to print experts to keep your equipment ready to go whenever you need it.

There's a lot more to learn! Contact us at Liberty Business Systems to start an in-house printing discussion today!