Should Your Business Offer Customers a Large Print Option?

Using out of house service

Is your organization discussing in-house printing vs. outsourcing? One of the benefits of in-house printing is the flexibility it offers for your customers who prefer or require large print. Here's why your organization's conversation about producing customer-facing materials in-house vs. outsourcing should include this approach to customer service.

Who Needs Large Print?

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires your organization to respond when a visually impaired customer requests assistance. With 3% of Americans falling into this community, your organization needs a plan for reaching out to them. But they're not the only customers who can benefit from large print documents.

Your Senior Customers

Your business can expect 20% of its clients to be over the age of 65 within the next ten years. You may want to begin printing and copying some or all of your customer-facing materials in large print formats to make them easier for your senior clients to read.

Your Dyslexic Customers

A recent study revealed that those who have dyslexia have less difficulty reading information printed in large type. By providing the option of large-print documents, you may help one of your dyslexic customers make a more informed decision about your products and services.

Your ESL Customers

Reading in a language other than your own is difficult enough, and small type can make it even worse. Large print materials can help your ESL customers feel more confident and welcome in your establishment.

Why In-House?

You may be wondering why the issue of large print should come up in a discussion about in-house printing vs. outsourcing. For your organization, the benefit is clear. The ability to print large-print documents on demand means you can provide better customer service to any of your clients who require assistance. That's a win for your organization and your customers.

It's time to make large-print documents available to your customers. Contact Liberty Business Systems to learn how today!