Use Your Wide Format Printer to Try Out These Speciality Media Types

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Looking for new ways to expand your in-house printing capabilities to promote your brand? In the world of printing, thinking out of the box can mean trying out some specialty media. Here's how the right printer can up your marketing game with stand-out promotional items printed on specialty media.

Speciality Media Printing

A wide format printer can open up new possibilities for your in-house marketing and printing team. Most of the following media types are compatible with today's wide format printers.

  • Adhesives — Promote your company with stickers or print price tags and product labels with self-adhesive paper.
  • Magnet stock — Magnets are a unique way to get your brand noticed by customers.
  • Speciality card stock — New embedding and finishing techniques can make your mailings and other customer-facing materials stand out from the crowd.
  • Wood — Printing on wood isn't difficult thanks to paper-thin wood veneers designed for today's printers. Business cards, artwork, menus, and posters take on the wood's unique qualities for a great product your customers will enjoy.
  • Metal — Try printing on aluminum for specialty items that feel more like expensive artwork. Aluminum is durable, offers unique printing possibilities, and is lightweight yet durable.
  • Textiles — Printing on fabric allows you to take your message to clothing items, canvas signage, and flags.
  • Vinyl — Wide format printing has made vinyl a popular choice for outdoor signage and AEC documents. Vinyl is a low-cost, durable, weatherproof option for a variety of applications.
  • Tyvek — Try printing your message on Tyvek mailers to take advantage of a convenient marketing opportunity.

With today's specialized printing equipment, your business isn't limited to paper to get out your message. For a demonstration of the latest in wide format printing equipment, contact us at Liberty Business Systems today!