Why Local is Better When You Need a Wide Format Printer

wide format printer

If you're like 8 out of 10 Americans, online shopping is your go-to solution for everything from toothpaste to the perfect gift for grandma. Despite the convenience of click-and-pay shopping, there are still some items that are better purchased in person. Your wide format printer is one of them.

It's Much Bigger Than You Imagined

Wide format printers are big devices that require special handling during shipment. It's critical to understand that if you purchase a wide format printer from an out-of-the-area vendor, it'll arrive via a very large truck. You'll need a loading dock and several burly guys ready for a workout. On the other hand, if your a wide format printer comes from a local authorized vendor, they'll bear the responsibility for shipment and installation. Heavy lifting included.

Some Assembly Required

Due to their sophisticated technology and size, wide format printers require special handling during installation. If your purchase isn't local, you'll need to assemble the stand, bolt the equipment to it, and then begin the process of getting your device up and running. If you've got other things to do and you'd prefer a streamlined installation process, a local authorized provider is the better choice. Their experienced team can get your wide format equipment up and running without a glitch. You'll be printing wide format documents in no time instead of wondering how it all works two weeks after you've turned it on.

Ongoing Support

Wide format printers, just like other technologies, require proactive maintenance to keep them in top condition. An authorized local equipment dealer has a team of experts with the know-how and desire to make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

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