Wide Format Media Options for the AEC Industry

architect looking at paper on desk

The architecture and engineering industry requires specialized wide format printing equipment and media. Your need for precision and exceptional durability requires specially designed equipment and print media which may be much different than those for other industries.

Specialized Wide Format Media Choices

Companies in the architecture and engineering sectors have a wide variety of specialized wide format print media from which to choose. Some have been developed to withstand the rigors of repeated use both in the office and in the field, and others provide additional benefits required by the AEC industry. Let's take a look at some of the options.


Vellum is an AEC industry stand-by for a long list of good reasons.

  • Cotton-based construction offers superior durability and clarity to AEC drawings.
  • An excellent choice for drawings requiring dark blacks and crisp lines.
  • Suitable for high-precision renderings, topographical maps, and intricate illustrations.
  • Lighter in weight than other wide format media.
  • Specialized treatment resists yellowing.
  • Easy to reproduce.
  • Lasts for years.


Mylar, or matte film, is a double-sided polyester media. At 4 mm, mylar provides some unique benefits for AEC firms.

  • Provides tear-resistant durability, making it a preferred choice for final documents.
  • Mylar AEC documents resist discoloration, making them an optimal choice for long-term storage.
  • The translucent over-coating provides exceptional wide format printing capabilities and also allows for hand-drawing in pen or pencil.

Presentation Paper

AEC firms can benefit from presentation papers that give a fine-art quality that clients appreciate. When presenting AEC drawings to customers, these heavier-weight papers give extra vibrancy, realism, and a hand-drawn look to your firm's wide format drawings.

Your AEC firm can produce exceptional blueprints, renderings and CAD drawings in-house with the right wide format equipment. For help finding the best device for your company's specialized requirements, get in touch with one of the knowledgeable team members at Liberty Business Systems today.