Your SMB Needs a Multifunction Copier

As a small business owner, you're working hard to make every penny count while also growing your company. When you're trying to make the best of a tight budget, multifunction printers and copiers are a smart investment. Here's a quick look at the benefits.

  • Four functions in one device — You won't need an entire fleet of single-function printers and copiers when you opt for a multifunction system. With the ability to print, copy, scan, and fax in one streamlined device, your business can save money, save space, and improve daily workflows.
  • User-friendly operation — Your small company probably doesn't have an IT professional on hand, but you won't need one with today's printers and copiers. Intuitive, color touchscreen interfaces make set-up and operation easy, and with on-screen prompts to assist users with any issues, there's no need for IT intervention.
  • Access to paperless processes —If you're just starting your business, it's best to get off on the right foot with an electronic document management system. Today's multifunction copiers provide the technologies to launch your paperless processes.
  • Document security capabilities — You may be small, but you're still a target for hackers. The latest printers and copiers include print security features to protect your documents and keep hackers from accessing your network through a weak link in your print environment.
  • Fast printing and copying —Even in today's digital environments, print is still a going concern. Keep in touch with your customers with business cards, mailings, and brochures printed in-house.
  • Low-cost printing — Desktop inkjet printers may offer a low price-point, but keeping them in operation is never inexpensive. Laserjet printers and copiers deliver professional quality images at a cost-per-page that's much lower than inkjet devices.

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