Offset Printing versus Digital Printing: What's the Difference?

For many businesses, printing is a part of daily work. This has been the norm for many years, and during that time, printing has changed dramatically as technology has advanced. For printing these days, you have two basic options: traditional offset printing or today's modern digital printing. It's important to know the difference so that you're sure you've chosen the best, least expensive, and most efficient selection for your current print jobs. Here's a comparison to give you a better idea what you should choose.

Your Technology Won't Last: Here's Why

Some things get better with age—like a fine wine or great friendship. Other things, though, aren't meant to stand the test of time. Your copier and printer fall into the later category. Although there are plenty of high-quality machines that can outlast their peers, eventually, any device will be outdated and need to be replaced.

Print Marketing: Can In-House Printing Compete with Outsourcing?

It's tempting for marketing departments to outsource any large volume production printing, assuming that they don't have the time to do any printing in-house. But the fact of the matter is, it can save you money and time to do in-house printing instead of outsourcing. The right technology can make it easy to print even complicated print marketing materials in-house.

Wide Format is Catching On

It used to be rare to see a wide format printer in any business that wasn't a commercial print shop. These days, though, advancements in technology have made wide format printers available and affordable for many kinds of companies, and they're starting to be a more common sight in offices across industries. Wide format printers can be used in a surprisingly varied number of ways, giving businesses the opportunity to control their own large format printing needs.

Small Office Space? We Have Just the Printer for You

Are you in the market for a new printer, but you're already overwhelmed by the competing needs of your business? Perhaps you're a small business owner, and you don't have much space for large pieces of office equipment. Despite your space problem, you know that you need advanced functionality that will deliver time and again to help your company grow into the dream you envision. What's the right call?

The Production Printing Trend That's Here to Stay

Does your business use production printing, or have you considering using it? Production printing can be a significant cost-savings for companies that print a high volume of documents and need to maintain a quick turnaround and high quality. If you're producing invoices, checks, bills, and other documents on a regular basis and need to ensure that your productivity stays high, a production printer may be right for you.

Here's the Managed Print Difference

Have you considered the benefits of choosing managed services over in-house work? Many companies realize that there are benefits to outsourcing your printing needs, particularly if you're a growing business with continually expanding requirements. Managed print services can provide you with the scalable solutions you need at a more affordable price than in-house options.

Introducing the Canon Wide Format Printers for Graphic Art

The world of art, quality is paramount. A reproduction of fine art or photography should never be sub-par—it should do justice to the original, bringing, even more, vibrancy and detail to the result. That's exactly what Canon's imagePROGRAF iPF8300 44" and 24" iPF6350/6300 large format printers do. They're the perfect wide format printers to bring your creativity to life.

Here's How You Know It's Time for a New Copier

Buying a new copier can be a chore you'd like to put off as long as possible. After all, who wants to spend the time researching the right model and fork over the cash? But waiting until the last minute until your current copier gives up the ghost will ultimately hurt your productivity—and not just because you could be without a copier for a while.

When to Buy a New Copier

Your current copier could be costing your productivity and money every day. Here's how to tell that it's time to upgrade.


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